Welcome to Working Momkind

A private community built to empower and support all Momkind.

Why We Built This For You

Because having a support system is great, but nothing feels as good as hearing or reading reassuring and supporting words from a fellow mom telling you, 'It's all going to be ok.' You know? Someone who has been there before.

Working Momkind is a community for mothers to come together and network, meet other moms, get inspired, have a laugh, and see that despite what they might think, they are not alone. So whether you are here for professional or personal support, Working Momkind is here to support your aspirations both as a mother and as a woman. After all, we can be amazing mothers and still chase our dreams. Join the community today and connect with moms locally, regionally, and worldwide!

About the community

The Working Momkind community is free to join, however, we offer private programs every season to cater to the needs of our community. See below to see what's coming and scroll down to choose a plan and sign up today!


Fall 2022 - Inaugural Postpartum Support Circle
Winter 2022 - How to Launch Your Business Online
Spring 2023- Building a Community from Scratch

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